Saint John's Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)


The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a federally funded (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada) community-based initiative aimed to improve settlement and integration outcomes for newcomers. Through partnership and coordination with key stakeholders in the community, the LIP aims to address the multi-faceted needs of both newcomers and the community. The LIPís actions will be informed and driven by rigorous, local data.


The LIP is a brand new initiative in Saint John. The LIP first began in Ontario in 2008 and is now operating in 77 cities across Canada. The LIP supports the two-way street model, in that it values what newcomers can do for the community, and what the community can do for newcomers. We look forward to connecting with the community and help make Saint John a great place to live, grow, and play!


Please check back for more updates regarding the LIP. If you would like to learn more about Saint Johnís LIP, please do not hesitate to email Duyen.