2016 National Housing Day Homelessness Snapshot

Currently, Canada is the only G8 country without a National Housing Strategy – but that is soon to change! For the first time since National Housing Day was founded 16 years ago, the Government of Canada has taken steps toward the creation of a National Housing Strategy! Consultations were held with Canadians throughout the summer and fall on what should form the basis of this strategy. Today the government will share the results of these consultations.
To provide some context, we’ve put together some recent findings on homelessness in Saint John. While not comprehensive, the findings point to the ongoing struggles that we face locally, and the need for a National Housing strategy that prioritizes ending homelessness once and for all.Please click here to view a snapshot of homelessness in 2016. Click here to see a snapshot of homelessness in Saint John .

Strategic Framework for a Plan to End Youth Homelessness in Saint John

The Human Development Council in partnership with A Way Home Canada has been developing a plan to end youth homelessness in Saint John. Here is the strategic framework portion of the report that identifies 3 goals the community can take action on in order to reduce and end youth homelessness as we know it in Saint John. Please click here to read the strategic framework.

2015 Homelessness Report Card

In years past, the HDC’s Homelessness Report Card has focused on shelter use. For the first time, this year’s document takes a more in-depth look at what is needed to end, rather than simply manage, homelessness in this region. In particular, the Report Card examines the housing situation in Saint John—especially how a lack of affordable housing has directly contributed to homelessness. To read the full report card, click here: http://sitecloudcms.com/Tools/file_direct_link.html?node_id=35175096

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2013 Saint John Homelessness Report Card

2012 Saint John’s Fourth Homelessness Report Card

Experiencing Homelessness 2011

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Experiencing Homelessness 2009  - French Version

2007 Youth Homelessness Report  - Kathryn Asher presents the findings of a count of homeless youth 16 to 24 years of age in the city of Saint John during the month of February 2007. 2007 Youth Homelessness Report.

Perspectives on Homelessness 

The Greater Saint John Homelessness Steering Committee newsletter on homelessness.

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